The story of the Watters ‘

Is the story of the South.

In the deep, deep South where

The Colonel pioneered.


Colonel Joseph Watters

Fiercely fought in battles

with the

Creek and the Cherokee.


They fought over land and

All the gold within it.

Gleaming deep inside caves,

The creeks and riverbeds.


Underneath the red clay

Hidden mysteries lay

A shaft of light showing

The digging and sifting

all the dirt inside there.


Music of the South, please

Bring the story to me.

The dark and haunting songs

Echo inside of me.


Want to tell the story

of  the heroes gone bad.

Gone down into  


Into the deep, deep caves.

Under dirt,

Under clay.

Where for years

They did lay.


The pieces that are hid

Help me find

Let me know

Let me be

The circuit rider,

A minister of truth

Bringing faith,

Bringing hope,

A fervent kind of prayer.


Let me know this hero

Who he was

Riding high,

Let me see what broke him,

Let me know

His demise.


The Sun in its glory

Rising high

Rising bright

Shedding light

On the world

Bringing all

The world to life.


But the Earth

Goes around

It goes behind the Sun.

The darkness

Of the night,

Always follows



Voices of


Raise a ruckus

Hold on.

Help me walk,

On the trail.

Chains and tears,

Whips and thorns.


Keep our eyes

On the prize

Holding on,

Holding on.

Through the grief

And the tears

Of a hero gone down.


The tale of my family

Is the tale of the South,

From the ash and sadness

Every day a rising sun.


Glory Hallelujah

As the truth

Marches on.